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No More Cold Calling™: The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust

By Joanne S. Black
ISBN: 0446577790 Hardcover $23.95/U.S. $32.95/CAN 226 pages 5-1/2 x 8-1/4 WARNER BOOKS



This one-of-a-kind selling guide shows you how to boost your close rate to eighty or ninety percent, send your commissions soaring, work less, and enjoy it more-all without ever making another cold call.This is a book that shows you how to stop selling.

Joanne Black reveals the secrets to her phenomenal success, both in creating her own highly profitable business through one-hundred-percent referred clients and in helping thousands of other sales professionals achieve similar results.

Following Black's proven, 5-step Referral-Selling System, you'll discover how to turn current customers and your myriad contacts into rich sources of referrals-as you establish relationships that ace out the competition.

Qualified prospects, ready to do business, will call you asking for your help. Let Black teach you how to:

  • Develop a winning referral-selling strategy-craft exactly what you want to say, present flawlessly, and troubleshoot the gaps
  • Select a referral buddy to help you plan and make a smooth transition to referral selling
  • Generate support from managers, coworkers, and staff with a proven reward system
  • Shorten the sales cycle and close deals faster
  • Measure the success of referral-selling activities with exclusive performance metrics
  • Obtain better customers, better margins, and better long-term relationships.

Whether you're a one-person shop or part of a large and complex organization; or whether you're selling high-tech gizmos, low-tech services, real estate, or pencils, NO MORE COLD CALLING will help give your business-and your life-a stunning new lift. You'll love what you're doing more than ever, and your success rate will climb-all without the burden of making another cold call.