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Publisher's Notes

Nach Maravilla
Power HomeBiz Guides

Power Homebiz Guides is the Premier Destination for Information on Starting a Home-based Business.

Mid-1999, Power Homebiz Guides started delivering quality articles pertinent to starting, managing and growing a home-based business. As the Internet became the most effective medium of low cost information, PowerHomeBiz.com was able to reach hundreds of thousands of individuals who seek to become entrepreneurs themselves. It has become one of the major destinations for home business information all over the world.

Power Homebiz Guides is listed among the TOP 10 or 20 web sites for "Home Business, Start a Home Business, Start a Small Home Business, Homebiz, Start a HomeBiz" categories and many other search keywords in major Search Engines.

From the original ten web pages, Power Homebiz Guides now contain over 5500 pages, full of informative and useful articles designed to guide the reader how to start, manage and grow a home-based business. Articles are written by our own in-house staff writers as well as quality articles submitted by recognized authors and entrepreneurs who want to share their expertise with those who are only beginning.

Because the volume of articles have considerably increased, we observed that many first time visitors get lost, get distracted or simply get overwhelmed. With this in mind, we started to compile sections and relevant articles into SPECIALIZED e-Books, which covers the subjects that you  need to know at the stage of your home-based business that you are in. That way, we believe you will stay focused and learn faster. 

Available for a very minimal price, you can avail of information you need anytime you want it. You save valuable time surfing the web site looking or trying to find the information you need. Please visit our e-Book Center for a selection of Power Homebiz E-books as well as other e-books written by authorities in small home business.  Please note that our e-books are written to be a source of relevant information and contains no unsubstantiated claims that you may get from self-proclaimed "marketing gurus".

We also have our BOOKSTORE. where you can check selected business books that may suit your needs. We selected pertinent books to make it easier and convenient.

In addition to the free tips and information, we also include as many book resources related to each article. You may buy them at our 
Amazon.com bookstore  We selected pertinent books to make your shopping easier and convenient.

In the most visited "Consult Your Guide" section, you can read actual questions and professional answers by our panel of Experts. Here, you can learn and get ideas for starting, marketing, and managing your home business. The Business Ideas Guide Section contains fresh thoughts from visitors all over the world.

Meanwhile, we always want you to enjoy your visit and make it as rewarding as it can be. Please come back as often. We upload new articles every week and post relevant small business news daily when necessary. To make it convenient and faster, you may mark the homepage in your "Favorites" box.

New websites were also added. Please visit www.womenhomebusiness.com to read and get inspiration from successful women and (men) entrepreneurs. www.learningfrombigboys.com is our blog website for business information and advice from the big guys who have made it.

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