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The launching of a web site is just the beginning; It’s like opening a store in the middle of nowhere; Now, your biggest challenge is how to attract visitors to the site. Nobody will know that it’s there unless you promote it. What good would a multi-million dollar site be if no one sees it?

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Why Purchase Sponsored Links Text Advertising?

  • Deliver your message in a quality environment. PowerHomeBiz.com is recognized as the leading resource on small and home business information. Since 1999, we have built a reputation for quality and relevance. Our articles have been used by prestigious web sites such as the US Department of Commerce, MSN Finance, AT&T Worldnet, American Insurance Group (AIG), Prodigy, and many others. We were also given reference by prestigious newspapers such as  the New York Times.
  • Ensure that your message is seen by your target market — the small and home business entrepreneurs. PowerHomebiz.com’s highly targeted markets include start-up entrepreneurs, people who are already in business, work-at-home moms and dads, business educators and business students, and plain Internet surfers. You can also check the demographics produced by a third party media agency at this page: https://www.powerhomebiz.com/business/demographics.htm
  • By allowing you to reach our growing audience. PowerHomeBiz.com is committed to growing its traffic, allowing you to reach a wider targeted audience of entrepreneurs.
  • Know how your campaign performs. Get daily access to your statistical report. View ad impressions, click-throughs and click through rate in real time.
  • Buy our text links  and see the potential of increasing your exposure on the Web.  Watch your traffic soar. More exposure means more traffic and more possibilities of sales. Remember, promoting your Web site is not a one-time event that occurs after launching. It should be an ongoing activity for as long as you are on the Web. However, our text links are served by an ad server and do not pass PageRank.
  • Rate is $150 per month regardless of the number of impressions.Your text link will be up on the site for 30 days and will be seen at womenhomebusiness,com and www.learningfrombigboys.com. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS available for orders of 3 months and longer.

Sponsored links are limited to SEVENTY-FIVE (75) characters including spaces. A short line that catches the eye is the most effective way to bring our visitors to your Web site.


Please pay through PayPal in favor of sales@powerhomebiz.con

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