Sponsored Content Advertising Program

PowerHomeBiz’s Sponsored FEATURE Content Program allows you to promote your company’s brand to our target audiences of entrepreneurs, small and home business owners, work from home parents, freelancers and self-employed.

The content is produced by our advertisers and lives on PowerHomeBiz. Advertisers can have the opportunity to share their content in the following ways:

  • Custom how-to, tips and list articles
  • Motivational “how I did it” stories
  • Branded columns
  • Custom infographics
  • Custom videos

The sponsored feature content must focus on entrepreneurship, including but not limited to the following topics:

  • Starting a business
  • Home business / work from home
  • Online business including ecommerce
  • Marketing, both offline and online
  • Financing a business and managing finances
  • Leadership and development
  • Business management
  • Business ideas
  • Success stories


The sponsored Feature content is promoted alongside PowerhomeBiz’s own editorial content. PowerHomeBiz will promote your Sponsored Content in a number of ways:

  • Sponsored content will be promoted on the home page with a headline, excerpt and photo.
  • Your Sponsored Content will be advertised in our website’s sidebar
  • Content may also appear on one of our topic pages
  • Your Sponsored Post will be included in our weekly newsletter sent every Friday
  • Your Sponsored Post will be promoted in our social media feed. Also labelled as “SPONSORED CONTENT”
  • Your Sponsored Post must have ONLY one or two links, that will direct the visitor to any web site that you desire.


Our Sponsored Feature Content rate is as follows:

  • Rate of $150/month(RATE IS SIMILAR TO THE SPONSORED LINK except that this is one web page about your product) Plus all the other benefits listed above. Equivalent to ONLY $5.00/day. Three (3) months initial purchase or $350.00 (Save $100) is highly recommended and equivalent to $3.89/day. The least expensive ad placement in the market.

Payment will be made through PayPal payable to sales@powerhomebiz.com

Terms and Conditions

All Sponsored Content is subject to editorial review. While PowerHomeBiz has no involvement in the creation of the sponsored content, our existing advertising policy provides that “PowerHomeBiz, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse any submitted advertisement” and will do so if any of the sponsored content fails to meet our standards. Advertisers for sponsored content that are not accepted will be refunded the full amount paid.

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