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Hug Your Customers
The Proven Way to Personalize Sales and Achieve Astounding Results

by Jack Mitchell, CEO, Mitchells/Richards

Published by Hyperion Books June 2003; $19.95US/$29.95CAN; 1-4013-0034-0 
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A master of customer service reveals his secrets for developing long-lastingcover business relationships and customer loyalty.

"We shower our customers with attention. There's no doubt in my mind that our philosophy can be applied to selling just about anything -- from aircraft engines to beanbags." --Jack Mitchell

The only way to stay in business is with customers, and Jack Mitchell knows how to attract them, and how to keep them. He has a deceptively simple but winning relationship approach to customer service -- that a relationship is at the heart of every transaction. Jack's business philosophy is based on "hugs" -- personal touches that impress and satisfy the customer, such as:

Remembering the name of your customer's dog Calling a customer to make sure he's satisfied after a purchase Having a "kids' corner" with TV, books, and treats Knowing your customers golf handicap Introducing customers to business contacts Letting your customer use your office to make a personal phone call This is a proven theory -- hugging works! Mitchells/Richards achieves among the highest margins in its industry, as well as amazing customer loyalty. Complete with anecdotes that exemplify outstanding customer service, Hug Your Customers shows how any business can adapt this hugging philosophy to attract great staff, lower marketing costs, and maintain higher gross margins and long-term revenues. At a time when customer service has become the difference between success and failure, Hug Your Customers shows how Jack's one-of-a-kind philosophy brings the results you're looking for.

Author Jack Mitchell is the CEO of Mitchells/Richards, two of the most successful clothing stores in the business. He and his wife, Linda, live in Wilton, Connecticut, where they raise their four sons.

Reviews "The Mitchell family has created one of America's unique retail experiences, executed by few. Their passion for the intimate relationship with the customer, and the loyalty that is created, has rarely been duplicated. Jack Mitchell captures the essence of this passion, and delivers it to the reader in his book Hug Your Customers." --Ralph Lauren, chairman and CEO, Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation

"Hug Your Customers gives the business world proven techniques to ensure success for many generations. Pray your competition doesn't get this book" --Harry Paul, co-author of FISH! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

"The Mitchell method is simple, straightforward, and incredibly effective. Business people as well as consumers will benefit from lessons in building customer loyalty through service, caring, and quality merchandise demonstrated by this third-generation family business." --Arthur Levitt, Jr., author of Take on the Street, former chairman of the SEC, present friend and customer of the Mitchells

"Jack Mitchell writes with wisdom, experience, and passion about the benefits of superior customer satisfaction. His insights apply to the Fortune 500 as much as they do to neighborhood stores. Mitchell's "hugging" embraces a very large world of commerce and relationship." --James M. Kilts, chairmen and CEO, the Gillette Company

"Lots of merchants profess a devotion to customers, but Mitchells practices that devotion in every conceivable way and more than any other merchant I have ever known. Hug Your Customers can change your attitude and outlook while helping you become more successful. A must read!" --"Larry Bossidy, CEO, Honeywell International Inc.'

"Hug Your Customers offers a refreshing and much-needed message any business could -- and should --- follow. Embrace its message and watch your business soar." --Bob Nelson, Ph.D., president, Nelson Motivation Inc., and author of 1001 Ways to Reward Employees