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How to Grow When Markets Don't

By Adrian Slywotzky, Richard Wise and Karl Weber
ISBN: 0446531774 Hardcover  5 x 7 WARNER BOOKS

What does a check-printing company do when fewer people write checks? Clarke American applied a dynamic new business approach that resulted in double-digit growth. What happens when a breakthrough technology is threatened by copycat competitors? Innovative thinking saved GM's OnStar and achieved stratospheric revenues.  

A truly eye-opening business book, HOW TO GROW WHEN MARKETS DON'T shows how old-line companies are creating new profits through "demand innovation." This powerful approach focuses on recognizing the opportunities that surround a product instead of merely improving the product itself. Used in a variety of industries, demand innovation asks: Where do customers spend the most time and money in areas related to my product or service? How can I help them improve their operations, reduce their risk, or grow their own revenues? The answers lead to huge growth opportunities for both business-to-business and consumer markets. Consider how:

  • Cardinal Health, a drug wholesaler, overcame a price squeeze by "following the pill" and developed profitable new prepackaged surgical kits 
  • Virgin created a brand that consumers trust and that embraces markets from travel to publishing to mobile phones-all linked by a spirit of youthful exuberance
  • Johnson Controls, which assembled car seats, escaped being trapped with a commodity product by designing and providing complete, integrated automobile cockpits.

Packed with many other thought-provoking success stories, insights on how to mine your company's hidden assets, and "moves for Monday morning" that can immediately improve your bottom line, HOW TO GROW WHEN MARKETS DON'T addresses today's economic challenges by providing powerful and practical strategies to generate new growth.