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DRAGON SPIRIT: How to Self-Market Your Dream

by Ron Rubin and Stuart Avery Gold

DRAGON SPIRIT: How to Self-Market Your Dream (Newmarket Press, 192 pp., $19.95 hardcover, June 2003).ISBN 1-55704-563-1 
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“While entrepreneurs get hold of an idea, Zentrepreneurs allow an idea to getcover hold of them,” Rubin and Gold write in their new passionate and inspiring book, further defining the qualities that make a Zentrepreneur. Knotting together ancient wisdom and timeless philosophies with state-of-the-art insights and penetrating observations, they address the realities of the marketplace, and demystify the fears and terrors of marketing a dream that captures the soul.

With their trademark wit and passion, Rubin and Gold show readers how to: · Remove toxic blocking beliefs · Persevere with discipline · Maintain faith in the face of “dream killers.” They also address such crucial practical concerns as: · Creating a recognizable visual identity · Building buzz · Working to give back to the community · Selling yourself and your idea · The importance of staying ahead of the competition.

The authors use personal anecdotes and blend ancient wisdom with old-fashioned American “can do” spirit to impart uplifting aphorisms and wise sayings that will motivate and energize readers to take charge of their lives and promote their ventures to their market rewardingly.

The secret to success, they write, is achieved by “rising above the hollowness of mass marketing, abandoning the entanglements of the seller, transcending to become the customer. By relinquishing the opiates of marketing, and letting go of the language of the seller, you will approach business from the needs of the customer, not yours.”

Rubin and Gold provide real-life examples of original, innovative, and successful product launches to inspire their readers, from The Republic of Tea’s line of gourmet, varietal and bottled teas, to Emeril Lagasse’s restaurants, to the invention of the PowerBar, to Maxine Clark’s creation of the Build-A-Bear Workshop stores.

Some of the motivational Zentrepreneur principles they disclose in the book include: · Be guided by your heart · Make a commitment to living life out loud · Show all that you are different · Imagine what’s next · Never let go the wonder · Take care to take care.

In addition, Rubin and Gold share key lingo phrases to communicate in today’s business world, definitions of business types, useful hints for formulating a business plan, basic business terms, and a list of helpful websites to guide future Zentrepreneurs to success.

As in their first Zentrepreneur Guide SUCCESS AT LIFE, the authors also include in DRAGON SPIRIT a list of recommended books to help readers access new and crucial ideas, and keep developing their knowledge.



In 1994, RON RUBIN bought and took charge of The Republic of Tea, a two-year old company that had been founded by the same people who created Banana Republic. Shortly thereafter, marketing veteran STUART AVERY GOLD joined Rubin in the company’s mission to create a Tea Revolution. In keeping with its whimsical identity as an independent nation, The Republic of Tea calls its employees Ministers, its customers Citizens, and its sales outlets Embassies. Ron Rubin, the "Minister of Tea," is Chairman of the Board of The Republic of Tea. He resides with his family in Clayton, Missouri. Stuart Avery Gold, the "Minister of Travel," is COO, and the lauded editorial "voice" for the company’s Tea Revolution. He resides with his family in Boca Raton, Florida. Headquarters for THE REPUBLIC OF TEA are located in Novato, California.