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Introduction by Daniel Goleman

“What special talents allow some people to build a flourishing business from nothing?. . . What set of abilities allow one person to take a mediocre company and transform it into an industry leader? . . . Could there be a business intelligence, a set of abilities that distinguish those truly outstanding in the world of commerce?” —Daniel Goleman,        


Grand in scope, size, and ambition and designed for maximum usability, BUSINESS: The Ultimate Resource captures in one magnificent volume what corporations, managers, political leaders, students, indeed workers everywhere need to know and have access to in order to be truly business literate. A one-of-a kind project many years in the making, BUSINESS is the result of an international editorial collaboration that attracted world-class contributors. Packed with original essays and biographies that are a joy to read as well as substantive resource sections including a dictionary, an almanac, a business library, and much more, this book is the operating system for business in the twenty-first century.

There is no question that business is the driving force that shapes all of our lives¾from the vicissitudes of the stock market to the political influence of business leaders to the changing culture of the workplace. And while the influence of business has grown and become more complex, so too has the amount of information about the people, practices, and theories that define the world of work and commerce. BUSINESS provides in one volume the tools needed to navigate this complex ocean of information. It includes:

  • 150 original essays by the biggest business leaders and thinkers of our time, including Warren Bennis, Peter Bernstein, Jim Collins, and Patricia Seybold. Each contributed original material for the volume, sharing their experience and expertise on a wide variety of essential topics. From diversity to business ethics, project management to keeping talent, these essays give executives both insight and a roadmap to the problems they face every day.
  • An authoritative world almanac that covers 24 industry sectors, profiles of 150 countries and all 50 U.S. states.
  • A comprehensive dictionary of business terms and a resource section that covers all practical areas of business, from accounting to training and development. The resource sections guide readers to the books, the organizations, and the web sites that will provide a larger window into each area.
  • A list of the top 70 business books of all time. This list was created by the book’s advisory panel, a group of editors and executives from the US and UK who debated and discussed which books held the largest influence and the most lasting thoughts on business today. Sure to be debated, the list offers both students and executives insight into a virtual library of guidance.
  • An introduction by Daniel Goleman, bestselling author of Primal Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, who defines “business intelligence,” what it means, and how it applies to anyone in the working world today.

Unprecedented in scope (2.5 million words, 2,200 pages), BUSINESS covers all significant intellectual, practical, and factual areas in the field of management.

The first book ever to codify business as a field of practice, inquiry, and theory, BUSINESS offers unique access to the ideas and expertise that will drive global commerce and the art of management in the twenty-first century. Designed to function as the operating system for anyone in business, this one-volume resource was guided by an eminent team of editors and advisors in collaboration with leading academics and subject experts. Subject by subject and topic by topic, they distilled the data to its most relevant and practical applications. As a result, BUSINESS puts at your fingertips the tools and knowledge needed to solve any business challenge.

Adding to its usability, BUSINESS is fully cross-referenced and allows readers to explore any single topic or issue in many dimensions—from a best practice essay, to a digest of the most seminal book on a given topic, to a management checklist with action plans and dos and don’ts. Much more than a reference, BUSINESS also provides a fascinating perspective on both the legacy of those who have forged management ideas in the past and those who are on the cutting edge today. Bringing together the collective wisdom of a generation of business thinkers in a practical, hands-on format, BUSINESS is bound to shape the future of business.

September 16, 2002 | ISBN 0-7382-0242-8 | 2208 Pages | $59.95 / $89.95 Canada Hardcover 8 1/2 x 11 (30% Off at Amazon.com)

BUSINESS is being published simultaneous in the UK by BLOOMSBURY