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businessThink: Rules for Getting It RightNow, and No Matter What!

by Dave Marcum, Steve Smith and Mahan Khalsa 
with Foreword by Stephen R. Covey

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businessThink: Rules for Getting It Right - Now and No Matter What! 

By the time you finish reading the introduction to this book, businessThink Rules for Getting It Right--Now and No Matter What! (Wiley; May 10, 2002; $24.95, Cloth, 0471219932; www.businessthink.biz ), forty-six businesses will have ceased operating and three will have filed for bankruptcy. By the end of the day, over 2,131 new businesses will have followed their lead. Currently, there is a monumental gap between generating ideas and getting results. What's caving in on businesses today is the thinking (or lack thereof within organizations. The most amazing and powerful asset in business--the human mind--hasn't been equipped or taught to think business.

Small Business Administration; Dun and Bradstreet: U.S. Department of Labor

Until now. To improve the odds of success businessThink authors Dave Marcum, Steve Smith, and Mahan Khalsa promise to deliver a revolutionary new method to bridge this gap. They offer all generations of leaders a provocative, practical process for transforming the way people think about business and address readers with a refreshing, straightforward voice that calls for a realistic, thoughtful exploration of one's own thoughts, behaviors and influence within the business world.

"Thinking is the nucleus of business - it drives not only what gets created and launched, but also what lives on." Dave Marcum continues, "It's the 'big bang' that sets everything else in motion. If you want to change your results, you must first change your thinking." The rules of businessThink provide today's leaders with the ability to create effective solutions and take themselves and their companies into the zone of optimum performance. It transforms "workers" into business people with proactive, powerful new rules that will help anyone:

  • Make winning strategic business decisions 
  • Have colleagues trust their judgment and leadership 
  • Leverage and utilize their talents 
  • Become highly influential and relevant, and 
  • Create business value.

The seeds of a much needed revolution in business that will cultivate a fundamentally new way of thinking, communicating, and decision-making in business (anywhere in the world and at any level of an organization) are based on eight rules or instincts:

Check Your Ego at the Door Move Off the Solution Calculate the Impact Slow Down for Yellow Lights Create Curiosity Get Evidence Explore the Ripple Effect Find the Cause

businessThink will give you the business tools to transform what you think about, how you ultimately decide what you should be doing, and eliminate the distraction of what you could be doing. Steve Smith notes that "as you take on the new thought processes proposed in businessThink, you'll need to get old ones out of your head. We won't teach you the 'right' answers, but the way you can get the right answers. In short, businessThink is the real-life business class you wish you'd had in grad school, but never got."

businessThink Rules for Getting It Right - Now and No Matter What! 
by Dave Marcum, Steve Smith, and Mahan Khalsa with Foreword by Stephen R. Covey Wiley Publication date: May 10, 2002; $24.95/Cloth ISBN: 0-471-21993-2 www.businessthink.biz