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Fun Home Business Idea – Candy Bouquet Business 
What are candy bouquets? Candy bouquets are bouquets made of edible candy flowers. They can be of any size, shape, color, and theme.

By Lana Glass

November 15, 2009 ( PowerHomeBiz.com )  -What are candy bouquets? Candy bouquets are bouquets made of edible candy flowers. They can be of any size, shape, color, and theme.

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Candy bouquets make wonderful memorable gifts that turn heads whenever they are given.

Free Instructions with pictures for making candy bouquets at http://ediblecraftsonline.com/candy_bouquets/index.htm  will give you a taste of how you can create your own candy arrangements.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Why you may want to learn the new skill of making candy bouquets?

  • You will be able to make unique gifts for anyone for any occasion without spending a lot of money. Anybody, adult or a child, will be very delighted to receive a wonderful candy bouquet gift.
  • You can start your Candy Bouquet Business. Work part-time or full-time. Do what you love, make people feel special, and earn money in the process!

Start your own candy bouquet business

The Candy Bouquet Business is fun, creative, and full of potential! Everyone is a potential year round customer! Delicious candy arrangements are the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, St. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father’s Day, baby showers, and other occasions.

You can incorporate candy bouquets with other products such as homemade fudge, gourmet candy and chocolates, gift baskets, balloons, cards and other gift items. You are the one who determines what your business will be like.

How you can get started

1. You can join a Candy Franchise business. It will cost you several thousand dollars.

2. You can get started for under $40 with these unique step-by-step guides “How To Make Candy Bouquets For Fun And Profit” and “The Candy Bouquet Design Book” http://ediblecraftsonline.com/ebook2/mybooks73.htm 

Many people find these books very helpful and easy to follow.

About the Author –

I am the founder of the site EdibleCraftsOnline.com.

I have a have a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. My passion is making candy bouquets and other fun food crafts. If you are interested in learning how to make candy and fruit bouquets, check out the site EdibleCraftsOnline.com http://ediblecraftsonline.com/