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The 101 Greatest Business Principles of All Time

By Leslie Pockell and Adrienne Avila
ISBN: 0446576654 Hardcover  128 pages 5 x 7 WARNER BOOKS

                                  Jack Welch Peter Drucker

Warren Buffett Bill Gates

Thomas J. Watson, Jr. Richard Branson

Robert Townsend Lucille Ball

Lee Iacocca L. L. Bean

St. Paul Sam Walton

Henry R. Luce Andrew Carnegie

Benjamin Franklin Eleanor Roosevelt

W. Edwards Deming Sun-tzu

Douglas MacArthur Robert T. Kiyosaki

C. Northcote Parkinson Adam Smith

John Maynard Keynes Ronald Reagan

Catherine the Great

An MBA in a book! A distillation of the wisdom of the greatest entrepreneurs, business leaders, economists, and inspirational figures of all time, in one handy and elegant volume.

You may think you are prepared for the world of business...but sometimes there are twists, turns, and blind alleys that even the most intrepid aspiring executive or entrepreneur finds challenging. Every professional, no matter how experienced, is sometimes unaware of the needs and desires of subordinates, co workers, and superiors that inevitably arise.

THE 101 GREATEST BUSINESS PRINCIPLES OF ALL TIME will help readers communicate with, empathize with, and inspire colleagues and customers alike. Readers will learn how to mobilize the strengths and weaknesses of others; meanwhile, they will discover new ways of managing themselves. Do great minds think alike, or should you be seeking diversity? Should you lead, follow, or get out of the way? Is it better to deceive or be deceived?

From the fundamentals of business practice and theory to important advice on investment, leadership, management, marketing, and success, some of history's greatest entrepreneurs, managers, and creative geniuses share their beliefs.

THE 101 GREATEST BUSINESS PRINCIPLES OF ALL TIME will provoke. It will stimulate. And it will encourage anyone interested in mastering the complex strategies that lead to success in business.

Be inspired, encouraged, and motivated by these and other words of wisdom in... THE 101 GREATEST BUSINESS PRINCIPLES OF ALL TIME