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10 Profitable Home Business Niche Ideas

For many small businesses, focusing on a niche market could be the ticket to success. Here are 10 of some of the unique home-based business ideas that have proven to be very profitable.

By Isabel M. Isidro
Managing Editor

6. Home Improvement Referrals = If you’re a homeowner, one of the most perplexing challenges is where to find reputable home repair or building contractors, from painters to plumbers to architects. New contractors, on the other hand, also find it difficult to find customers for their services.

Debra Cohen launched a profitable home-based niche business with her Home Remedies of NY, Inc. http://www.hrnbiz.com/ , which is a homeowner referral network that matches homeowners with reliable, prescreened home-repair workers. The referral services are offered free to homeowners; while contractors pay a commission to Home Remedies for any work secured.

With the success of her referral services, Debra now offers a business opportunity where other entrepreneurs can replicate her service in different areas. To date, there are more than 400 Homeowner Referral Network (HRN) businesses operating in various parts of the United States.

7. Crocs Accessories = Crocs are the very popular resin clogs dotted with holes and comes in every color, from pinks to blues to yellows to blacks. They are ugly shoes, but both adults and children love them. In fact, the company grew from $1 million in revenue in 2003 to a projected $322 million in 2007.

Given the tremendous popularity of these shoes, Sheri Schmelzer decided to ride the wave and offer products that would allow users to customize their crocs. One day, she decided to create charms to be used to fill the holes of her family’s crocs shoes, which are plenty. Hence, Jibbitz http://www.jibbitz.com was born. Her business sold about 300 designs of charms for crocs and she was able to sign up more than 4,000 retail outlets. In December 2006, Crocs the company bought Jibbitz for $20 million with Sheri and her husband remaining on board.

8. Dog Eyewear = Eyewear and shades helps protect our eyes from sun damage. So why not create UV-absorbent sunglasses or other eyewear to help protect the eyes of pets from sun damage as well? Dogs in particular are susceptible subjected to wind and airborne debris when they are transported in open-windowed vehicles.

Veronica Dilullo and her husband created goggles for dogs – or Doggles http://www.doggles.com  – when they noticed that their own dog Midnight would always be squinting and seemed really sensitive to the bright light. The patented Doggles have flexible snug-fitting frames, foam padding for comfort, and shatterproof & anti-fog lenses. Their product has been featured in sites such as CNN, The Today Show, Good Morning America and other publications.

9. Speakers Bureau = Non-professional speakers are always on the lookout to find speaking engagements, typically combing through local organizations and contacting companies themselves. On the flip side, organizations (even big companies) are also struggling to find speakers for their events. It’s a time consuming process for everyone involved.

Bryan Caplovitz, a former business technology consultant, saw the need for a marketplace where non-professional speakers could find speaking opportunities, and organizations could find speakers for their events. Hence, he created SpeakerMatch.com http://www.speakermatch.com , an agency that matches emerging public speakers and subject-matter experts with meeting planners. Meeting planners list their events and speaker needs for free, while speakers pay a small monthly fee to post their profile on the site and pursue leads for possible speaking engagements. Today, SpeakerMatch.com has become the go-to site for those looking for speaking engagements.

10. Unconventional Beauty Product = Nancy Jarecki was in a hair salon in Rome when she noticed that some women after having their hair colored would linger at the door, only to leave when given small doggie bags. Asking one of the colorists, she learned that the women were waiting to get a hair coloring kit so their hair "down there" can match their new hair color.

To address a silent problem of women (and men, too), Nancy launched her company BettyBeauty http://www.bettybeauty.com  offering her main product line called "Betty" whose tagline is "Color for the Hair Down There." Apparently, women everywhere get so frustrated with mismatched hair colors in their bodies. Blondes want to be true blondes and have their hair down there sport the same shade; and so do redheads and other colors!

Nancy's success comes from providing a great Nancy's BettyBeauty company is expected to reach more than $1 million in sales this year, and she's coming up with new products -- all for the hair down there.

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About the Author:

Isabel M. Isidro is the Managing Editor of PowerHomeBiz.com. Read her blog PowerHomeBiz Small and Home Business Blog at  http://www.powerhomebiz.com/blog/blog.html . For more entrepreneur success stories, visit Women Home Business

July 2008